• Kinds of yoga, yoga types & yoga styles


    Do you know how many kinds of yoga exist? What kind of yoga to start with? What are classical and fundamental kinds of yoga? FREE yoga learning site www.YogaOpenYoga.com offers theory and practice of more than 15 kinds of yoga.

    How many kinds of yoga exist?

    So how many kinds and directions of yoga exist? There are as many kinds of yoga as there are ways a people can express themselves. We have a physical body. We can make static poses. So we have hatha yoga. We have a possibility to breathe.So there is pranayama or breathing yoga. We have eyes. Sometimes our mind reacts on forms, which we see, without realizing it. It creates the grounding for yantra yoga. Composers have a possibility to hear the music of spheres and write it down. This is the nada yoga. The capability to demonstrate the dominance skills was a precondition for the appearance of the raja yoga. This list could be continued on and on.

    Guide to basic yoga styles & types.

    This is introductory course about different kinds of yoga. Including

    • Pre-historyof yoga
    • Yoga journey
    • Numberof existing kinds of yoga
    • Dominating kind of yoga
    • Test about the material studied
    • Homework and certificate
    • Keyword for the next course
    kinds of yoga yoga types yoga style

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  • Basic principles of yoga

    Basic kinds of yoga

    Introductory course on five basic kinds of yoga on www.YogaOpenYoga.com. This course will give the first insight in hatha, kriya, mantra, pranayama yoga and meditation. Everyone is welcome to study yoga from very basics with International Open Yoga University!

    Yoga kinds for beginners

    Yoga is classified in different ways, firstly, in classical and advanced kinds of yoga. In order to start and for the foundation for the advanced kinds of yoga we require basic kinds of yoga. Open Yoga studies these kinds of yoga in great detail. In this course you will learn about:

    • Hatha yoga
    • Kriya yoga
    • Mantra yoga
    • Pranayama yoga
    • Meditation
    • Homework & Certificate
    Basic kinds of yoga yoga types hatha yoga kriya yoga meditation pranayama mantra yoga
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  • Basic principles of yoga

    Advanced yoga methods

    Yoga is one teaching with many directions and areas to study. Everyone can find their kind of yoga. Open Yoga offers more than 15 kinds of yoga for closer explorations. visit FREE yoga learning site www.YogaOpenYoga.com.

    When people have studied fundamental kinds of yoga well they may explore many other aspects and more advanced kinds of yoga. Combination of fundamental kinds of yoga and advanced kinds of yoga give even better results. Open yoga offers wide possibilities to study these kinds of yoga and this course will include small review of the following kinds of yoga:

    • Karma yoga
    • Bhakti yoga
    • Yantra yoga
    • Jnana yoga
    • Raja yoga
    • Nidra yoga
    • Laya and kundalini yoga
    • Nyasa yoga
    • Homework on the work accomplished during this course
    advanced yoga intermediate yoga methods
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    Hatha yoga. Basic principles of Hatha Yoga.

    What do you know about hatha yoga - the most widely practiced kind of yoga in world at the moment? This step is a small review of this kind in order to warm up for the following course full of wisdom of yogis to improve the way we feel.

    Hatha yoga includes large number of different poses. However, it is not enough to take a certain pose for a short moment of time to master this pose. Time factor plays important role too. And there are several more aspects to follow while you practice. This is very short but essential information to improve the knowledge of yoga and to work on practical skills.
    And by the way, do you know who invented yoga?

    Guide to Hatha Yoga

    Welcome to the exciting and interesting course on Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga has many shapes and ways to do it. You can adjust it to your needs. To do it, learn the basic theory behind this topic. In this course we will cover

    • What is Hatha yoga?

    • Principles of Hatha yoga

    • The great secret behind simplicity

    • How to get prepared for Hatha yoga?

    • What is necessary for Hatha yoga practice?

    • Hatha yoga methods

    • Hatha yoga poses

    • Where to start?

    • 10-minute class of Hatha yoga for beginner

    • Closer look on one Hatha yoga pose – Cobra pose

    • Benefits of Hatha yoga

    • Yoga and modern lifestyle

    • Meaning of the term “ha-tha”

    • Some advanced level questions on Hatha yoga

    • Hatha yoga by Patanjali, one of the most ancient sources

    • Hatha yoga pose descriptions with PHOTOS

    • Ancient Hatha Yoga Narrative with photos – the most essential information you need to know about this teaching. All in one. Prime resource we recommend to follow. Text with multiple layers of meanings

    • Homework – your feedback about the course

    • Hatha yoga course CERTIFICATE

    • Possibility to forward to the next course for FREE.

    Course includes texts, video materials, tests, photos.

    Hatha yoga for beginners Hatha yoga guide basic hatha yoga knowledge

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