• Yoga lifestyle. Living the Yogi's Life.

    Yoga lifestyle. Living the Yogi's Life.

    What was the lifestyle of yogis in the past?
    Who were they?
    Life principles of yogis: purpose (to see the manifest of the Absolute in everything), means (non-ignorance, non-suffering; communication with soul-mates), method (not causing harm to any live being without an extreme necessity and not wasting of forces and energy on trifles; a method of consciousness and a method of energy or a method of asceticism and a method of pleasure), to return a sacred debt (continuation of a kin, family; obligation to look for a father or a mother of future children; a life of men and women living together for the sake of children is equal to asceticism), what to do? (daily yoga practice without losing time; there are as many kinds of yoga as there are ways a person can express himself/herself; any area of life may become a yoga practice). The reference point for Yogi is his/her Higher Self. To refuse from suffering it is necessary to refuse from ignorance and to refuse from ignorance it is necessary to stop holding the form, illusive things; to see the higher in the transitory. Questions and answers on the topic.
    Yoga lifestyle. Living the Yogi's Life.Yoga lifestyle tips. Yoga for life lifestyle network. Yoga lifestyle practices...
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