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Ebook - What is Yoga?

Ebook What is yoga?

Ancient secrets of yoga made plain and simple.

Very shortly about the most important aspects of yoga. This is the foundation for further studies and practice of yoga. Without knowing this, a lot of mistakes will be made and this may delay your personal growth for a very long time that can be saved. What is important; yoga definition clear to everyone, goal of yoga, origin of yoga, basic yoga principles, yoga and medicine, yoga and religion, yoga and sports, dietary restrictions, kinds of yoga – hatha yoga, kriya yoga, mantra yoga, pranayama yoga, karma yoga, etc. An algorithm to make important decisions. Full text and guidelines for yoga meditation. Where to study yoga for free?

ISBN 978-9934-14-817-0
Published in 2016
34 pages
Price 2,41$

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byLyss Remlay, FabuLyss Fitlife
I myself am a total newbie at yoga and the material you provided is such an amazing way to understand yoga in a much deeper way than I have understood it in past years. What I understood as a very difficult hobby for those who are incredibly flexible and patient I now understand in a much more relatable way. Your material makes us who are new to yoga understand that it is so much more than just a hobby for a flexible, balanced body but a flexible, balanced and incredible LIFE. I think those who are nervous to try yoga need to read this in order to understand that yoga is so much
deeper than what it appears at the surface. I'm so excited to learn this art even further.

Ebook - Easy YOGA GUIDE for BEGINNERS. Simple Yoga Poses

yoga guide for beginners

This yoga book is perfect combination of Theory and Practice of Yoga
It is short - only the most important things necessary for aHatha yoga beginner. Text is written in several levels that opens up deeper with practice.

✔ Complete beginner's guide - everything you need to get started - the very first yoga book
✔ 46 essential yoga poses with simple instructions and photos
✔ Text as a conversation between the Teacher and the student
✔ Simple and friendly answers to basic questions all yoga newbies need to know
✔ Book that never gets outdated and is always topical
✔ It is worth to reread it from time to time - it will open new aspects every time


Published in 2017
62 pages
Price 3,62$

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